When Should I call in for Tanks?

We ask for two to three business days for delivery of tanks. If you know you have something coming up where you will need tanks we recommend you call a few days in advance.

Why is my tank leaking Oxygen?

There are two main reasons the tank may be leaking oxygen. First, the regulator or conserver on top may not be screwed on tight enough or in the right position. Check to Make sure the prongs are in the correct holes and the regulator/conserver is tightened. Second, the O-Ring may be old or missing. Check to make sure it is correctly attached.

Why am I not getting oxygen through my concentrator?

If you do not feel you are getting oxygen there are a few different problems that could be occurring. The first is that the tubing is not correctly attached or has a kink. Check the tubing for any kinks and make sure it’s properly attached. There will normally be audible alarms if kinked.

Another problem can be that the liters-per-minute are turned too high or too low. If either occurs that can keep the patient from receiving the correct amount of oxygen. Make sure that the ball is turned to the correct LPM.

Is my humidifier bottle hooked up correctly?

When connecting your humidifier bottle, make sure that there is no part that is cross-threaded. If it is not correctly connected oxygen will leak out. The water in the bottle should be bubbling if it is hooked up correctly.

You can call 864-631-1633 for any oxygen or CPAP questions you have.